Zane One music video premier today


  1. THAT WAS GREAT!!! I loved the album and that was such a good video. She is such a dope emcee and I love how the video helped capture her in her element.

  2. After so much discouragement from the low production values that I was seeing in the videos recently, I was glad to see this dope video. Besides some of the minute things that might need improvement or could of been done better, In terms of post producion this video is very dope, calling all of us to take a step up. The Beat is super legit, Zane kills the track keeping it real with very dope content. I’ll be playing it over an over again.

    p.s. Where the title credits at? C’mon I wanna see who produced it…
    Fill in the blanks
    Record Label:


  3. Doloto,
    We appreciate the kind words and encouragement! This was actually the first music video that we shot and edited ourselves, so we are very pleased that people dig it! We know we still have a lot to learn and will continue to do so with these next projects we are working on. Thank you again!
    here are the credits:
    Artist: Zane One
    Title: Zane One
    Album: L.A. Woman (available here at
    Record Label: AudioSketchBook Records
    Director: C. Gracida and C. Olmedo

  4. Doloto meet Caps, Caps meet Doloto. You are both EOE affiliated video makers. Doloto makes some really fresh stuff. Check Jupiter 7’s “Move”. I can’t wait to see “For The People.” I’m guessing that a lot of ASB and War Tour Production’s videos will be seeing promotions together in the pretty near future. Doloto, I’m glad you are digging the Zane Video!

  5. FRESH! I love a hip-hop video that actually displays Hip-Hop as a culture in it, I wish more hip-hop videos did it as well!!

  6. This album is definately one of those albums that is an instant classic! Zane is sick on the mic and I’m glad to see she’s moving forward with a video for this album!

  7. This is pretty tight. Pretty soon that’ll be me on there with you guys watching 😀 just keep posted and wait for some of my stuff to show up

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