Urban D. releases new music video Hip-Hop History

The song tells the story of Hip-Hop’s history from the South Bronx to where it is today. It paints a picture of it’s humble innovative beginnings to where it began to blow up and change to now where it has mostly lost it’s way. The song doesn’t just celebrate the culture or talk about the problems – most importantly it brings a challenge and an answer at the end as Urban D. talks about eternity and introduces Christ. The song structure is purposely set up like this as verse one walks people through the 70’s and verse 2 through the 80’s and verse 3 brings you to the 90’s and today as it comes to a climax.

The music video was recently shot at Crossover Church’s former North Orleans Campus in the infamous skate park where one of the Flavor Fest stages was in 2008 and 2009. This is now vintage footage as that skate park no longer exists as Crossover moved and the new church demoed the park. The video features Crossover’s own DJ D.Vize and Reflex The Son on the hook along with several faces from the church and some of the B-Boys and B-Girls that are part of the ministry.

This song is featured on Urban D.’sUn.orthodox” album and is available on iTunes along with a remix version and instrumentals.


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