Elias – Thanks for Waiting EP

Eseye / Scribbling Idiots (2010)
Reviewed by Matt

Most of us first heard of Elias from one of the countless guest appearances he has made throughout the past, oh, decade or so. Think Sev Statik & Dust’s Back to Dust project, where you could find Elias soothing vocal nuances soaring through a couple of hooks, not to mention his cameo’s on many Scribbling Idiot affiliated projects. A few of you may have even gotten your hands on Scraps of Paper – Elias debut album, the one with the awful looking artwork? Yeah, that one. Needless to say, most of us have been introduced to Elias on someone’s project other then his own. I think it is safe to say that that is all about change… soon, very soon.

With, Thanks for Waiting, the Californian emcee/vocalist brings along fellow Cali man SD (fka Kid Sundance) and Fab da Eclectic. The 5 song EP kicks off with the mellow-dramatic “Why’d You Walk Away?” Fab lends a hand on the production tip with heavy and melodic synths. This track is a perfect example of sticking to your guns, you know, doing what you do best. In Elias’ case it is both rapping and singing, both of which he does very well. 1 point each for Elias and Fab as this was easily the strongest track on the EP. “Silence” delves into the topic of tuning out the voices we all have amongst us and, in turn, tuning into the voice of God. This track had me thinking “On to the Next One” – not because it had ‘catchy single’ written all over it, more because I didn’t want to hear it again after the first listen. The other standout track for me was “Amazing”. Hard kicks and snares fill up the speakers on this one as Elias takes the chance to shines through with those patented vocals of his, speaking on the amazements of the God that he serves.

Amidst the seemingly constant stream of guest work that Elias has done over the years it is no wonder that it has been such a long time coming in between solo efforts from him. To be completely honest, as I sat and soaked up Thanks for Waiting I kept coming back to the Back to Dust project by Sev Statik that Elias made a couple of appearances on. Not to say that Thanks for Waiting is a complete write-off, rather it’s just that the production level on the EP in no way, shape or form does Elias any justice. Elias boasts the type of talent that, with the right man behind the boards, I could see preparing for lift off. So, mark this down as my official pull for a full-length Dust-produced album from Elias. Sound off in the comments section below if you are with me my people!

For fans of: Scribbling Idiots, Deepspace 5

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  1. It’s funny I just posted my review of the EP last night, I loved it. Elias’ guest appearances are always epic, but I didn’t expect his solo work to be that good. After to listening to the EP I just wanted to hear more.

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