Sphere of Hip Hop podcast 052

Episode 052 – April 2010 Podcast #1 hosted by Cas Metah of Scribbling Idiots.

Beats & rhymes in this episode from: Analog Amazon, CookBook and Uno Mas, dropsciGIANTS, Gallery Drive, Griffin, L.A. Symphony, Name Basic, Propaganda, Sareem Poems, Shames Worthy, Zane One

1. L.A. Symphony – What You Say? feat. Fatlip
2. Analog Amazon – Border Line feat. Griffin
3. dropsciGIANTS – hauntedHOUSE
4. Gallery Drive – Darkest Hours
5. CookBook and Uno Mas – L.A. Times
6. Zane One – Almost Cut My Hair
7. Propaganda – Me And The Boys feat. Shames Worthy and Sareem Poems
8. Name Basic – Isn’t She?

Sphere of Hip Hop podcast 052
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