CY now offering production for your next project

Christian rapper CY is now focusing his award-winning talent on producing music for other artists. Through his company, Complex Melodies, CY plans to offer artists affordable, yet extremely creative and high-quality, beats on an exclusive basis.

Self taught in the art of beat making, CY’s instrumentals can be heard on albums like The Slow Lane Chronicles: Chopped and Screwed by Paul Wall and Enock’s AWEthentic. He was also one of the main architects behind the carnival sounds heard on his most recent Circus World Event record.

“When I was starting out as a rapper I discovered a lot of producers who had what I needed to get songs done in the studio, but were unreliable,” CY said. “Out of necessity, I decided to buy my own equipment and learn the craft because I had so much music in my head.”

CY started Complex Melodies in 2003 shortly after signing a business deal with Much Luvv Records Inc. and began selling tracks to many artists and labels across the globe. Since 1997, he has been perfecting his art and continuing to push the limits of what has come to be expected from hip hop musicians who claim to represent the cross.

Evidence of his creativity can be seen in the eye-popping stage show he developed to add visual illustrations to the story subjects of his Circus World Event concept album. That project employed carnival-type sounds and metaphors that envision our world as a circus with one true ringleader (God) and an imposter (Satan) who plots and schemes for the same position.

Although CY’s first two albums were very successful, it was Circus World Event that caught the ear of Atlanta’s Holy Hip Hop Awards. In January 2010, CY was honored by the organization for outstanding work in both music and ministry.

“I’ll continue to bring that same sort of ingenuity to my production,” CY said. “I’ve always been about raising the bar and my goal musically is to create tracks and albums that I would want to hear if I were an artist or a fan looking to buy a record.

“I want people to always know what they’re going to get if they purchase a CY album or a CY beat or book CY for a concert.

“My goal is to offer MCs and urban gospel singers a wide canvas, such as a painter, to wholly express and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. I want to continue to help produce new and established artists.”

CY is a full time artist and producer and his job, as he puts it, is using his talents to find common ground with men in order that they may see His life as well as opportunities to present the gospel.

“It’s an incredible feeling to be given the freedom to pursue one’s passions, CY said.

“God has blessed me to be able to focus on what I’m best at besides playing basketball. I want to share this musical mind that He has given me with as many people as possible.”

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