Pigeon John readies new album Dragonslayer

According to his most recent email update, Pigeon John is deep into recording his new album Dragonslayer. What will the album be like? Who knows… probably a bunch of songs about slaying dragons! Wouldn’t that be really funny? Seriously now.

He’s doing some spot dates right now so if he is performing in your area be sure to catch his live show.


  1. I thought it was titled Pigeon John and the green lamborgini(sp?) Peep this tho. Pj’s film which has grossed whopping $1,500 in Germany.

  2. You I got the CD- I went to the first stop in SB- I got to let you know “it ain’t what you think” And you can easily be fooled because of what we think “Johnny” is bout- but if you look deeper you see some real stuff. Honestly this is one of the most heart breaking CDs I ever heard. And when you first hear it you might not catch it- Bottom line this CD exposes some things in the mans life- He is being so real- yet hiding behind his “Stylo” – Music heads: this is a tight CD -Concert junkies: DJ Abilities is dope and together they do it right- Human beings: this man is exposing his soul and what he shows you will cause you to contemplate life issues (may even inspire you to pray that “the noise quites down”)

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